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Our powerful, adaptable, affordable products are made for the way your business runs today. With all the complexities businesses, we made the choice of Comprehensive Accounting software. Just use TMSS-ICT CA and become a hero at work. TMSS-ICT is ready. Are you?

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Online invoicing

Reduce repetitive manual data entry and speed up your invoicing by using preset inventory items, replicating previous invoices, and setting up repeating invoices.An invoice is a payment request sent by the supplier that lists services provided to the buyer.

Chart of Account

All Books of Accounts,Balance Sheet with various Schedules,Outstanding Reports-Bill-by-bill basis,Daily/Monthly Summaries of Accounts / Groups,Printing of Bank Deposit Slip. The chart is used by the accounting software.

High Performance Report

A detailed statement that measures the results of some activity in terms of its success over a specific time frame.An annual performance report might be produced for such a report might help management assess the success of a project.

Financial management

Powerful business decisions are made based on the latest information available. Hence, we understand the importance of exchanging information between two or more computers & provides connected solutions.

Income Revaluation

Quick obtainment of ROI through Tighter Data Management, Decreased WIP Inventory, Increased Manufacturing and Warehouse Output and Decreased Invoice Errors.All Reports are available 24/7 hours.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Plan your financial performances and provide structure to your organisation strategically, by allocating resources. Define an amount to each expenditure line thus short or long term organisation goals.




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